Growing Up Organic

Growing Up Organic is a garden- and farm-based educational program for children and youth, delivered by the Canadian Organic Growers Ottawa-St. Lawrence- Outaouais chapter (COG OSO) in the City of Ottawa.

GUO partners with schools to support the establishment of school garden programs as the basis for experiential education at all grade levels. They provide educators with the essential tools to start these initiatives with confidence and ongoing support. Their garden-based workshops delivered on-site at school gardens and made available online, provide teachers with building blocks and a model for integrating hands-on food literacy into their pedagogy.

GUO is focused on empowerment: through their strategic focus on education, they hope to foster a generation of children and youth with greater food literacy, life-long healthy eating habits, increased food skills and an understanding of environmental health issues.”

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Cultivating Cooks

Cultivating Cooks is a classroom based gardening and cooking program that connects students with local chefs, community gardeners and other local food producers. The overall goal is to get kids enthusiastic about “all things green”- understanding how they too can become “green garden stewards” both at school and at home. Teachers are actively involved in the process and have an opportunity to partake alongside the students; learning about healthy food systems and sustainable food practices by engaging in hands-on activities.

 Schools, teachers, principals or community members can express interest directly to one of Cultivating Cooks partners, Anna March or Carley Schelck

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Garden Towers/Tower Gardens

The Ottawa Network for Education (ONFE) is partnering with all four school boards in the Ottawa area for the “Classroom Gardens” program. This is a hands-on, interactive program allowing students to learn about healthy nutrition, how to grow plants, and food preparation. Students grow edible plants from seed to harvest and have the chance to eat their produce throughout the year. Each of the participating schools receives an indoor gardening system from ONFE with enough space for every participating student to have a spot. Participating classes in each school grow plants with their teacher and with the support of ONFE staff and volunteers. ONFE supplies some board-approved, curriculum linked educational materials and activities to go along with the program.

Schools can express their interest to the ONFE Classroom Gardens Program Manager. The final selection of schools for the coming year is done by each school board in early summer.

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Just Food Activities

Plan a trip for your classroom to the Just Food Farm or other partner farms in the region. Programs are customized to age, interest and time availability, and can be adapted for pre-kindergarten through to university/college students.

Possible topics can include:

  • Get your hands into the dirt and learn about soil
  • Learn about farming as a career
  • Learn to grow food
  • Learn about the food system
  • Learn how to start your own farm

We also work with students on their own independent research projects and on site field work, along with partnering teachers/professors.

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